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Schools and learning

North and South Lanarkshire Councils have lots of advice available to make your child's move to a new school as straightforward as possible. Your child's electronic records should move with them to their new school and the school should be aware that the are receiving a service child.

North Lanarkshire Council

South Lanarkshire Council

In Scotland children are grouped by birth date from 1 March - 29 February for year placements. This may result in your child going into a different year group from the one they are leaving. If you have any concerns your should contact the school directly.

The Forces Children's Education website explains how the Scottish system works and provides links to schools that support military bases in Scotland.

If moving to Lanarkshire after leaving the service or as a veteran, you'll need a civilian address to apply for a school place. Bring information on your child's learning from their previous school and tell the new school of your status in the Armed Forces (regular, reserve, veteran) so they can help your child settle in.